Independent Public Health Microbiology Consultancy and Advisory Services
Specialising in the prevention and control of water derived infections

Experts in the detection, survival and control of pathogenic micro-organisms; especially the prevention of infections from opportunistic waterborne pathogens such as Legionella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and environmental Mycobacteria.

Legionella Ltd was founded by two leading national and international experts in public health microbiology:- Drs John V Lee and Susanne Surman-Lee formerly of the Health Protection Agency and before that the Public Health Laboratory Service, John as Head of the HPA Water and Environmental Microbiology Research Unit and Susanne as Director of the London Regional Food, Water and Environmental Microbiology Laboratory Services.

Together they have over 70 years’ field and research experience in the detection, survival and control of pathogenic micro-organisms in the environment including the investigation and control of outbreaks of water-borne, foodborne and air-borne disease. They have both been closely involved in the investigation of contamination events and incidents and outbreaks of waterborne and foodborne disease especially Legionnaires’ disease but also including waterborne infections caused by E.coli O157, P. aeruginosa, environmental mycobacteria,  Campylobacter, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Salmonella, Cholera, and Norovirus, often working closely with national and international public health authorities, the HSE and local authority environmental and port health officers.

This experience gives us a unique insight into the things that can go wrong especially within healthcare building water systems and equipment, hotels including within indoor and outdoor sports and recreation facilities including swimming pools and spa pools, and pharmaceutical premises. As a consequence we have a vast range of experience in the independent auditing of control measures and what can be done to avoid or manage system contamination.

Our specialities include trouble shooting and giving practical holistic advice on the prevention of contamination events especially in public buildings including healthcare and leisure premises and advising on appropriate control strategies following incidents.  Our unique backgrounds have given us experience in trouble shooting and advising on designing and building water distribution systems especially healthcare systems and associated equipment and pool water systems including the development of new guidelines for hydrotherapy pools in association with PWTAG. We can provide expertise for Water Safety Groups, Estates and Facilities , and IPC team  in the development of water safety plans and auditing of water safety  governance, policies risk assessments and schemes of control and supporting programmes. We can also offer expertise in the development of bespoke training courses in water safety including Legionella awareness; control measures and risk assessment for all grades of staff inlcuding pateitnt support and one to one sessions with CEOs. We also have expertise in preparing Expert Witness Reports both for prosecution and defence cases.

Dr Susanne Lee works closely with the Royal Society for Public Health  as the Chair of the Water Special Interest Group, developing workshops/ seminars and Programme Director for the RSPH Free Water Webinar Series.

Both Dr Susanne Lee and Dr John Lee are active in the development of national and international guidance including the HSE ACOP and HSG 274 guidance, HTM 04-01, and many British Standards related to water hygiene and the detection of indicators and pathogens in water.